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Training Services

Innovative Wise Consultants provide a wide range of training services for students, education providers, employers and people of determination. Our training services are designed specifically to meet client needs, while equipping trainees with unique and innovative skills across our extensive range of specialisations. Customised training packages can be provided upon request.

Our Specialised Training Services

Technology Team Building Training

Innovative Wise offers a true innovation in team building through hydroponics, providing employees and employers with skills and business psychology based performance evaluation, while positively impacting carbon-footprint.
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Inclusive Art and Creativity Training 

Our Inclusive Art and Creativity Training provides educators with the skills to adapt arts and craft to facilitate creativity and free expression for people of determination through inclusive art.
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Hydroponics Technology Training for Education

Innovative Wise provides extensive training in Hydroponics Technology for both educators and students as an innovative approach to active and multi-faceted learning for both mainstream students and people of determination.
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3D Printing Technologies 

At Innovative Wise, we provide comprehensive training in 3D Printing Technologies for both students and educators as an innovative education and employment initiative for both mainstream students and people of determination.
3D Printing Machine

Electronics and Advanced Technologies

Our Electronics and Advanced Technologies Training equips educators and students with the knowledge to facilitate practical skill development in the field for both mainstream students and people of determination toward advanced education and employment.
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Inclusive Education Methods

Innovative Wise Consultants provide comprehensive training on inclusive education practices and learning environments for education providers, based on international best practices and the latest innovations in inclusion.
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Inclusive Employment Training

Our experts provide specialised training for employers who seek to employ people of determination. Our training programs include inclusive work environments, inclusive practices in the workplace, colleague training, tool modification and assistive technology.
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WESASI Assessment Training

Comprehensive training on the use of the WESASI assessment, a skill assessment developed in the UAE by Innovative Wise Consultants. WESASI is an ability-based assessment designed to quantify vocational skills and abilities in people of determination.
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