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Corporate Consultancy Services

Innovative Wise provide dedicated corporate consultancy services, based on our extensive expertise in the field. Our Corporate Consultancy Services include inclusive employment services, workplace modification and accessibility services, tool modification, inclusion programs and corporate responsibility initiatives, as well as company culture and workplace evaluation.  evaluation services.

Our Corporate Consultancy Services

Inclusive Employment

Innovative Wise are experts in employment for people of determination, we provide comprehensive support to both employers and employees, creating individualised skill evaluation, meaningful work placement and transition to work programs.
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Workspace Modification and Accessibility

Our specialist consultants work directly with employers to facilitate inclusive employment through physical environment evaluation and adaptation, assistive technologies, accessibility, training and further inclusive employment facilitation solutions.
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Tool Modification

Innovative Wise consultants provide specialised adaptation of tools required for people of determination to fulfill work roles, according to individual needs and disability classification. Our tool modification expertise include hand tools, equipment, hardware and software.
Hardware Tools

Inclusion Programs and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

For employers and organizations wishing to support people of determination, we can develop and support you in implementing corporate responsibility initiatives, as well as employment and community inclusion programs. 
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Company Culture and Workplace Evaluation

Innovative Wise offer company culture, team dynamics and workplace evaluations, including the provision of feedback and goals to increase workplace efficiency, communication and productivity.

Our Areas of Expertise

•  Project Management

•  Innovations Management

•  Accessibility

•  Inclusive Employment for People of Determination

•  Inclusive Workspaces

•  Team Building

•  Employee Evaluation

•  Company Culture Analysis

•  Corporate Social Responsibility

•  Specialised Procurement and Installations

•  Employee Training

•  Assistive Technology and Tool Modification


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