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Accessibility Services

At Innovative Wise, we place accessibility at the center of community, employment and education inclusion. As such, we provide comprehensive accessibility services, including assistive technology, built environment accessibility, accessible education, accessible tourism and inclusive behaviour services.

Our Accessibility Services

Assistive Technology

Our assistive technology services are extensive, including mobility, support, hardware and software for employment, education and inclusion.
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Built Environment Accessibility

Innovative Wise Built Environment Accessibility Services are in line with international standards and include services for new and existing buildings,  assistive technologies for the built environment, and accessibility solutions.
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Accessible Education

Our dedicated accessible education services are designed to promote educational inclusion for people of determination through programs, support services, assistive technologies, as well as adaptation of curriculum and teaching methodologies
Baby with Hearing Aid

Accessible Tourism

Innovative Wise provide comprehensive accessible tourism services, dedicated to equipping the hospitality, travel and municipal entities with the tools to ensure access to public spaces and tourist attractions for everyone.
Woman in Wheelchair at Beach

Inclusive Behaviour

Our Inclusive Behaviour Services place people at the center of accessibility, providing consultation and training services to promote accessible behaviour and accessibility mindfulness in educational, work and community settings.
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