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Innovative Wise Specialised Hydroponics Training Program

Innovative Wise Delivered an Intensive In-Depth Training Course on Hydroponics Systems and the Cultivation and Harvesting of Plants Grown in these Systems.

Innovative Wise has provided an intensive Hydroponics training course to the staff of Al Karamah Institute in Abu Dhabi. The course is designed to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of Hydroponics including growing plants from seed and transferring seedlings into hydroponics systems and harvesting plants from the systems once they have reached maturity.

Our Innovative Wise Trainers also provided participants with training in the use of nutrients and supplements, water quality checking, water level monitoring, system cleaning and maintenance and the use of Hydroponics-related technologies. In depth knowledge of plant selection, growth cycles and species nutritional requirements were included in the course content.

The Innovative Wise Hydroponics Training Course goes beyond equipping staff members with the skills to effectively use Hydroponics systems, but it goes a step further, teaching participants how to best teach utilise their newly acquired knowledge of Hydroponics to their students of determination, specifically catering for autism spectrum disorders.

The course provides detailed information on teaching methods, curriculum adaptation and activity accessibility techniques toward creating optimal learning conditions for the workshop students of determination, all of whom are on the autism spectrum.

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