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Innovative Wise Hydroponics Training Program for ICP Munich, Germany

Innovative Wise have Provided a Specialised Training Course on Hydroponics Systems and their Educational Applications for People of Determination to the Staff of ICP Munich, Germany.

Innovative Wise has provided an in-person training course to the staff of Stiftung ICP München (ICP Foundation Munich), one of Germany’s leading rehabilitation institutions providing services for people with physical and autism spectrum disorders of all ages. The foundation has over 900 employees in its Munich based centres delivering medical, educational, therapeutic and technical training services since 1956.

The training course was provided in German language and included details on Aeroponics systems and operations, as well as additional parts and supporting technologies. Participants were also provided with training on plant selection, growth cycles, seed cultivation and harvesting of matured plants.

The specialised training also included details on aeroponics support services provided by Innovative Wise and potential future expansion of the Aeroponics program at the ICP Foundation Munich.

Participants were also trained in the applications of aeroponics with people of determination, as well as its benefits for them, including sensory stimulation, cognitive development, independence and self-esteem development and gross and motor skill development.

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