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Hydroponics Vocational Training Workshop for People of Determination

Innovative Wise developed a Hydroponics Vocational Training Workshop in the Al Karamah Institute in Abu Dhabi, designed specifically to cater to young adult people of determination on the Autism Spectrum.

The workshop includes a range of Hydroponic systems including NFT Hydroponics and Aeroponics systems, procured and installed by Innovative Wise, to allow the workshop to cultivate a wide range of plants.

The workshop was developed specifically for people of determination on the Autism Spectrum, where Innovative Wise equipped the workshop with accessible and modified tools, smart technologies and workshop furnishings in line with international standards and best practices.

As part of our services, Innovative Wise also equipped the workshop with essential consumables, to ensure that the workshop could begin producing hand-grown, fresh produce immediately.

Innovative Wise have developed this workshop to ensure that the institute students of determination can learn about nurturing and growing plants from seed through sustainable and innovative methods toward student development. People of determination who engage in Hydroponics may demonstrate increased positive development in independence, self-esteem, sensory processing, cognitive skills and motor skills.

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