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Electronics and Advanced Technologies Vocational Training Workshop for People of Determination

Innovative Wise developed this specialised training workshop in the Al Karamah Institute, Designed Specifically to Provide Training to People of Determination on the Autism Spectrum.

This workshop was developed and designed to be at the cutting edge of electronics and robotics, while ensuring an optimal learning environment for the students of determination of Al Karamah Institute in Abu Dhabi.

The Electronics and Advanced Technologies Vocational Training Workshop was developed to facilitate a wide range of skill levels and learning capabilities, from beginner and basic level skills to more advanced and creative applications, such as robotics and programming skills, while harnessing key engineering and mathematic principles.

Innovative Wise equipped the workshop with premium quality furniture, as well as specially selected Autism-friendly tools and equipment. The entire workshop conforms to the highest international standards and ensures students a safe and secure environment in which to learn and enhance their skills.

The workshop boasts individual student workspaces, and a workspace layout that allows instructors full control of the workshop equipment by a special control panel at the workshop instructor’s station, installed by Innovative Wise.

The workshop is designed to facilitate cognitive, motor skill, independence, and social development. The workshop is also created to allow for production models to be implemented, and Innovative Wise has procured workshop consumables to effectively establish a production line and simulate a mainstream working environment.

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