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Development of WESASI ©, an Innovative Wise Vocational Training Skill Assessment for People of Determination

Innovative Wise Create the First Vocational Skill Assessment for People of Determination Developed in the United Arab Emirates

Leading industry experts at Innovative Wise have developed the Work Environment Simulation Assessment and Skill Inventory (WESASI) © assessment, designed to assess and quantify the vocational skill levels of people of determination toward ensuring accurate student placement and Individual Education Plan (IEP) development.

The WESASI © Assessment by Innovative Wise is the first such assessment to be developed in the UAE.

The assessment engages students in work environment simulations, and evaluates the student’s performance in each simulated task, according to specified evaluation parameters.

Central to the WESASI © assessment is an ability-based approach, which serves to empower the student and give them control in demonstrating their skills. Assessment results are designed to allow educators and rehabilitation experts to focus on the student’s abilities and build on those abilities toward the holistic development of the individual.

This assessment marks a new approach to vocational skill evaluation of people of determination in the UAE and Innovative Wise are proud to be at the forefront of advancement in this field.

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