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Development of a Hydroponics Greenhouse for People of Determination

Innovative Wise have begun Designing and Developing the First fully Accessible Hydroponics Greenhouse Dedicated to the Training and Skill Development of People of Determination in Hydroponics, Sustainable Agriculture and Fresh Produce Cultivation, toward Productivity and Independence.

Innovative Wise are working to develop a unique project to support and empower people of determination in the UAE. The project is centred on the development of a greenhouse equipped exclusively with the latest in Hydroponic systems and technologies, including NFT and Aeroponic systems.

The project aims to serve people of determination across a range of disability classifications, in developing their skills in the fields of sustainable agriculture, Hydroponics and crop cultivation. These skills will serve to empower the people of determination in the project through skill acquisition, that will lead them toward independence and potential employment in the agriculture industry.

The facility will include state of the art hydroponics technologies to support and optimise the production in the facility, as well as further enable people of determination to assume a leading role in the production of sustainable, hand-grown produce.

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