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Creative Expression Vocational Training Workshop for People of Determination

Innovative Wise developed a Creative Expression Vocational Training Workshop in the Al Karamah Institute in Abu Dhabi, designed specifically to cater to young adult people of determination on the Autism Spectrum.

The workshop was designed by Innovative Wise to facilitate creativity and artistic self-expression among the students of determination at the Al Karamah Institute.

Innovative Wise has equipped the workshop with an extensive range of artistic mediums, from consumables like paint, crafting materials and artistry accessories, coupled with accessible and modified tools to ensure that students of determination have every opportunity to express themselves artistically.

Among the features of this workshop is a pendulum painting system, fabricated and installed by Innovative Wise. This system allows for the creation of colourful and unique artwork using free-flowing paint on a pendulum, or swing system. This system is a true innovation in accessible and inclusive art, as it ensures the participation of all artists, regardless of disability.

The Creative Expression Vocational Training Workshop includes a “Creative Space”, which allows students to step away from their desks and engage with art on a padded floor area, allowing them increased freedom to create on their own terms.

The workshop also boasts extensive artistic materials and mediums, in line with international standards and best practices, allowing students to engage in truly limitless creativity.

Artistic creativity and self-expression such as that fostered in the Creative Expression Vocational Training Workshop has shown to improve students’ self-confidence, communication skills, social interaction skills, cognitive skills, sensory processing and motor skills.

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