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Work Environment Simulation Assessment and Skill Inventory (WESASI©) Training

Innovative Wise have Provided a Specialised Training Course on the Innovative Wise WESASI© Vocational Skill Assessment for People of Determination

Innovative Wise consultants have provided training on their self-developed Work Environment Simulation Assessment and Skill Inventory (WESASI) © to the staff of the Al Karamah Institute in Abu Dhabi.

Leading industry experts at Innovative Wise have developed the Work Environment Simulation Assessment and Skill Inventory (WESASI) © assessment, designed to assess and quantify the vocational skill levels of people of determination toward ensuring accurate student placement and Individual Education Plan (IEP) development.

The training included the use of the WESASI assessment kit, which includes Innovative Wise customised tools to conduct practical vocational skill evaluations with students. The course included comprehensive training on all work environment simulation assessment tasks and how to evaluate performance according to the WESASI scoring matrix.

Innovative Wise experts provided training on the use of WESASI assessment results to develop and implement IEP and educational goals for students, as well as how to utilise a multidisciplinary approach based on assessment results toward holistic student development.

Reassessment, assessment inclusion, assessment accessibility and assessor roles were also included in this comprehensive WESASI training.

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