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Innovative Wise Electronics and Advanced Technologies Training Program

Innovative Wise Delivered a Training Course on Electronics and Advanced Technologies, Designed for Teachers, and Instructors of People of Determination.

Innovative Wise has provided specialised training to the staff of Al Karamah Institute in Abu Dhabi on Electronics and Advanced Technologies, including their application in skill development for people of determination on the autism spectrum.

Theoretical and practical training was provided on the key principles in the fields of electrical, electronics and mechatronics. These fields serve as core subject matter in electronics and advanced technologies.

The training also incorporated the application of engineering, mathematics, and robotics to facilitate learning and creative thinking in people of determination. Participants also learned the key skills and methodologies required to develop and implement a production line, in line with typical work environments in the industry to facilitate student production and potential transition to the workplace.

Course participants were also provided with training on the use of the Master Control Panel, as installed by Innovative Wise, to ensure continual instructor control over student production and skill development.

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