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Innovative Wise Creative Expression Training Program

Innovative Wise has Provided Training in the Use of Artistic Materials and Methods to Facilitate Creative Expression through Inclusive and Accessible Art for Young Adult People of Determination on the Autism Spectrum. Training Included the use of Innovative Wise Pendulum Painting Systems.

Innovative Wise has provided training to the staff of the Al Karamah Institute in Abu Dhabi, on the utilization of art as a medium for self-expression among people of determination on the Autism Spectrum.

The training is designed to encourage participants to think creatively when using artistic mediums and equips them with the skills to adapt activities to be inclusive for all students, regardless of disability diagnoses or classification. One example of this is sensory limiting of activities, which is very useful when dealing with students on the autism spectrum.

The program included working with crafts, sewing, fabric arts, material and medium familiarisation and experimentation and applications for completed artworks. Central to the program was the implementation of techniques to encourage students of determination to engage in creative activities and express themselves.

Participants in the training program were also given a demonstration in using the Innovative Wise pendulum painting system, which is a true innovation in inclusive art, as it allows artists to express themselves through unique and colourful creations, regardless of disability.

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